It won’t be false, If I say that

you are having a Pain in the Butt

when it comes to Affiliate Marketing,

as every guy gives their own advice

to Affiliate Marketing.

Most People get

Confused about affiliate marketing on:

how to bring traffic to their Affiliate

Offer, How to make sales in their

Affiliate Offers and so on.


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But in this Post, I will give you 100% accurate and great advice about Affiliate Marketing, Keep Reading…

A simple Definition of Affiliate Marketing is,

that you promote the product of others and when someone buys the product that you promoting, you get a commission.

This is simple to understand but has very few complications in it,



where is the part of complication,


just grab the link to an affiliate offer and keeping it in your Notepad won’t make

you any money as you need to make sales?


You won’t get any sales until you get some form of traffic.

First, off the bad, affiliate offers are simple but you must know

how to bring traffic to your affiliate offers.

Heads up let’s continue it step by step:


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1.                       Find an Affiliate Provider.find affiliate products

An affiliate provider is a provider that will provide you with the Affiliate Offer A.K.A

Affiliate Product. You need to find these providers as they will give you the products to promote.

Sign up for Fiverr ]


One of the most popular Affiliate providers is Amazon, the Seattle firm pays around 1% to 16% commission when you bring a sale to them.

They have a different amount of commission for different categories of products.

There are many other affiliates providers in the market, basically, any site that provides a service has an affiliate offer as they want more sales.


You can easily signup for their affiliate program, you can find them in their site’s footer.

affiliate link

I would recommend some affiliates like Tubebuddy, Bluehost, Fiverr and some other services as the commission that they give is crazy.

Once you have landed on their Affiliate page just signup and enter your payment details,

most of them accept PayPal. So once you have signed up its time to grab the unique link to the offer.


2. Find a way to promote your offer.

how to promote affiliate offer

This is the most important and crucial part of Affiliate Marketing, It’s too broad to explore but I will give you the basics of Marketing your Affiliate Offer.

Let’s dive down to most simple part,

The Rock,


The more traffic you get, the more leads you will get as a result you will make more money.



But the deal is most of you don’t have a very big

user base or traffic that will be your customer for

your Affiliate Offer and Here’s is Where paid Ads comes in.

 google search snippets

What! you don’t wanna spend money too.

Alright I get that you want free methods of traffic so I am gonna divide this section into two parts:

1.         Freeways to market your offer

2.         Paid ways to market your offer

Let’s cover the freeway first,

There are a lot of free ways to get traffic and I am gonna describe few of them if you want to know

every single way to promote your offer then I am going to release my new course which will teach you everything about affiliate marketing.

1.     facebook

As all of you know that Facebook is the number one social media site out there with about

2 billion users. You need to pop on this huge social media site to get a huge amount of

Quality traffic to your offer.


Say, that you have signed up for Bluehost Affiliate, this simply means that you’re target

a customer who is a guy who wants to build a website and in search of some affordable hosting.

You need to find facebook groups related to the niche of WordPress, Hosting, Website etc.

You can find these with a simple search.

Once you find out this groups it’s time to post something but wait, the first reply to some comments

related to hosting and website then tell them to check out your latest post on hosting or website. This will enable your post for better engagement as Facebook wants to promote those

posts which are liked by a whole bunch of people.


After you interact with these guys its time to message them and tell them to like your post, heck you can even give them your affiliate offer if they want it.

This is a simple yet easy way to promote your Affiliate offer for free.


2. Quora { Great for time-full Affiliate Marketing}

Quora is a massive site where people go to whether ask or answer questions. You can leverage Quora’s traffic to get some sales for your affiliate offer.

Go to Quora and create an account, now if you are promoting an offer on hosting like

Bluehost then click on the search button in Quora and then search for topics like Best

hosting or Affordable and good hosting.

This search will bring out a ton of people who have asked a question related to Hosting,

now click on their Questions and answer every single of them, Remember! Don’t spam with your affiliate links, instead post something valuable and then leave a link in the footer.

Example if someone asked for Best and cheap hosting then my answer to that would be:

Hello Name,

Your Question is really interesting so thought to answer it for you, There are a lot of hosting providers in the market but it is really a tough job to find the best one.

I use Bluehost hosting for my site and would recommend it for any beginner, Bluehost provides ——-Mention some of Bluehost’s features.

 I think as per your requirements Bluehost hosting is the best, You can even avail a 20% discount by ordering through this link.

Cheers, Tusar

get that it is not only simple but this answer is not spammy from any point it contains major info at first which makes the user go like,

Hey! This guy understands my problem, Let me read his answer.

Simple Yet Effective.

3. forums

Forums are a great way for some free promotion as everyone in the forum loves to engage

and comment on each others post, this is the reason why forums like Reddit is so popular.

You can google for Forums and then post on them, again don’t spam as everyone hates spam.

 Only post the content when the market needs it.

So, If I am promoting the Bluehost offer then I would google for Hosting forms or

Website forums then O would go on these forums and find out who wants an affordable

hosting then I will reach out to him and finally reply to him by saying:

Hello XYZ,

I know you are looking for affordable hosting but trust me this market is a lot

saturated so you can really find some cheap hosting providers who also offer the best


I use the Bluehost Hosting as it is cheap and reliable and guess what!

You can even avail a discount of 30% just signup through this link,

Hope this helps.


This is a really simple way to get quality traffic, You can do the same thing on Reddit, just

search for subreddits related to the niche of your offer and give them so value and your unique link.

4. Blog

Blogging is the best way to promote your affiliate offer as it forms a community and you literally

own the traffic. But the deal is, It takes time to grow a Blog. You can’t expect to

start a blog and get traffic rolling in.

You can blog about products that you are promoting, tell people what is good for the

product and why they should buy it, give them as much value as possible,

{ Please do honest Reviews }

You can even write reviews on your site, about how good the product is or you can compare the product with another product like you can write about:

Which one is better ” Bluehost or Siteground”

Then you have to leave a link to your site and that’s it promote your blog post as much as possible.

You can use some of the best techniques available online about Link Building and the use it to build Quality links back to your site for better ranking in google.

5. Youtube Videos

Youtube is a great way too as you can literally interact at a very deeper level with your Audience.

Just go ahead and start a youtube channel and upload videos on your affiliate offers, give people some value and then alternately you will make some cash,

youtube also needs some time to grow as you won’t become Pewdiepie from the next day.

Be consistent and be patient, as Gary Vee says ” Close your eyes until you’re 29, be patient”

Albert Einstien also said ” The power of compound interest in the most powerful force in the universe”

You need to continuously put on your effort on something without expecting any return.

See the thing is that once you have built your community on a blog or a website then you literally own the traffic and you can easily monetize your traffic. This implies to every source of revenue available on this planet. The simple formula is:

The formula is simple. Right! Let me know in the comments.

I think that I covered about 5 free methods to promote your affiliate offers so let’s discuss some paid methods for my dears who have some bucks in their VISA card.

1.     Google Adwords.

Google Adwords is literally my best-paid traffic source as Adwords ads convert like crazy,

Here’s Why:

Adwords has targeted that is based on search terms and if you literally have even 1% idea

of what your target customers are searching then go ahead and create an AdWords ac as it

will make you a millionaire soon.

Say, You searched into google, best paid hosting and the top result that you saw is a listing: “Best and Cheap paid hosting to host your site”.

This means that you already got the listing that you are looking for and you will click on the result and with a little good sales pitch you will buy the hosting from that site.

The same is not on Facebook or Instagram or Snap.

Because people who are on these sites basically loves to socialize not to see shitty hosting ads

and this is where “you”  comes in. The thing is that people literally don’t like

interruptions on social media. they are engaging with their friends and suddenly your ads come in, this leaves a very bad impression.

If you continuously run ads on Social Media then people will remember you and literally give you the title of a High Profiled Spammer, the same happened with Tai Lopez on Youtube.

My recommendation to you would be that you should run ads on Social Media only in case of Ecommerce when you have a cool product to showcase or when you need some sweet, sweet fans.

Should I end the post right here, No? Let’s continue…

2. Run Ads on Blogs

This is a great way as it works like crazy for me at least.

Running Ads on Blogs is a great way to get awesome sales to your Affiliate Offers. The root of Affiliate Marketing is to find out the Cut-Throat Niche Audience, who are in desperate need of your products or your Affiliate Products.

This step is simple,

  • First, find a Niche Blog that is related to your Affiliate offers Niche
  • Look at the Traffic on the Blog
  • Look at the keywords that the Blog is currently Ranking for.

Let’s Break this down:

First Find some niche blogs that write about your affiliate offer’s topic, you can simply do

a google search to find it out. If I am Promoting Bluehost offer then I will search for

Hosting guide or Best hosting review.

Then go ahead and copy that site’s URL and enter it in SEMrush. SEMrush will tell you what is the total traffic of this site, I prefer traffic of around 50K+ every month.

Once you found that the site gets a good amount of traffic, go ahead and check the keyword the site is ranking for, Check whether the site is ranking high or not for keywords relating to Hosting.

Once you find that out it’s time to contact the site owner and ask them to accept your proposal on Advertising on their site.You can check their footer for the Advertising page.

3. Bing Ads

Bing ads are kind of like Google Adwords but the only difference is that bing ads will be shown when someone searches into Bing.

I love Bing ads because they give affordable ads at a very low CPC rate. You can do the same as said in the Google Adwords part:

  • Target the Right Keywords
  • Target the right demographic

And that’s it optimize your Ad groups according to the outcome.

Do you want a post on Google or Bing Adwords? Comment Below!


These were all paid traffic methods that I love to use for Affiliate Marketing.

Finally, when you have promoted your affiliate offer you will get sales then go ahead and connect the Affiliate Site with a Payment Gateway like Paypal and that’s it.

You will receive Payments monthly or weekly.

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