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Ok! Let me tell you a little story.

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Ok, back to the story. I started this blog as a passion to help passionate marketers and bloggers.

The thing is:

It is hard to market a brand when you have no money right?

That’s BS.

If you know how to give people what they want, then you are probably

doing the right thing.

See, When I started Webjourn. I didn’t know what I am doing.

I started Webjourn just to manage brands Adwords ads and

make money out of it.

But, I Turned the wheel around.

I thought, If I will give people a ton of info for free

then I think I would be able to touch them more deeply, cause that’s

what I was good at.

My journey was amazing, guess what it is still amazing.

And it is going on.


I am writing posts, recording podcasts continuously.

My best and foremost job is to help you succeed in Blogging and


I even love to write and read about SEO, Online Marketing, Digital Marketing.

I will continuously, keep on helping you. The best thing you can do

is just implement everything that I say on my blog on your blog.


As according to me, the faster you will implement these tips, the better you will get results.

The final, thing spread my posts and podcasts as much as you can.

That is it.

Finally, please contact me only if you need some help or Query.

As spamming will be ignored.

And you don’t like spam too! Right?


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