CPA offers: The Definitive Guide ( 2018 )

Cost Per action is something that you should care about if you are looking for some great commision.

The bottom line is: CPA offers pay you when the visitor simply enters their email on the site.

CPA refers to Cost Per Action. These kinds of offers basically pay you when a user takes an action on their offers like Entering their E-mail, Signing up for a trial,

Purchasing something, even visiting the site sometime counts as an action.

CPA offers have bonuses ranging from 1$ to 1000. This kind of offer is given to certain CPA affiliates, which we will discuss further.

maxbounty cpa affiliate


CPA offers have some unique rules that you need to follow, some basically don’t allow incentives whereas, some allow incentives. 

Incentives: When you pay some sort of rewards to the user to take action like giving them 1$ to signup for a CPA offer.

You can earn money from CPA offers in a very easy way: 

  • Step 1: You sign up for a CPA offers provider.
  • Step 2: You promote their products
  • Step 3: You make money whenever someone buys.

It is kind of like Affiliate Marketing but is a little different. Affiliate Offers pay you only when you drive sales whereas, CPA offers pay you when a user takes an action. These two may sound similar but hear deeply.

A sale means a user has to pay some money to buy the product whereas, an action means a user has to do simple tasks like entering their e-mail and their contact info. 

Sound simple. It is.

Even Brian Dean from Backlinko explained about CPA Marketing really well. 

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When you made your thought to promote CPA offers, it’s time to make out what is your obvious source of Traffic, cause let’s be honest. You won’t make a penny if you don’t drive any leads or sales to your offers. I will cover every single mode of traffic in Chapter #2. Wait and Read.

Let’s cover three major parts from where you need to start to promote your CPA offers.

1. How to find Affiliate Offers to Promote.

Search on any search engine

This is really a crucial part as if you don’t find any Affiliate Offer you won’t be able to promote anything. It is more than easy to find CPA offers to promote. Just follow these 3 ways I am going to tell you:

1. Offervault

Offervault homepage

Offervault is a really great site for CPA Marketers as Offervault not only tells you everything about a CPA offer but also gives you every info you need to signup for that Affiliate and get approved.

Offervault is really a Gem mine for any CPA Marketer as it has a lot of features, to find an offer open Offervault and then click on the search bar, enter the keyword that fits your offer or you think should be a good fit for your niche. Then hit Enter.

Offervault will show you relevant results that match your keyword. You can now go ahead and check which offer is paying how much amount of per lead. Ok, so you have a bunch of offers ready. 

2nd Step:

This is another simple method to find Affiliate Offers to Promote on your site.

Go to sites like Maxbounty, Peerfly or other CPA networks, you can find them by a simple google search.

I prefer Maxbounty over other Affiliate Sites as it offers many high converting offers and you can get a payout through Paypal when it reaches 100$. I have used Maxbounty for 1 Year and I love the experience.

These were two ways by which you can find affiliate Offers, now when you have found many affiliates offers to choose from it’s time to choose the “Best”.

When I choose an Affiliate offer I look at three main Factors:

  • Landing Page
  • EPC
  • Lead or Sales

Let’s Break these things up:

The landing page is the page which the user will see when they are on the site. The landing page should be clean and easily understandable. You have to think of your Audience’s too as you have to make the stuff easier for your Audience to choose from.

Make sure that the number of fields is less and so that the user converts into a lead when they just enter their name or Email.

You have to think from a users perspective, take a moment and think how likely are my Audience to signup for this offer.

 EPC refers to Earnings Per Click, it’s a common term used Quite often in CPA Marketing.

EPC Earnings per click

Every CPA network has this. This is basically what the others Affiliate Marketers Made when promoting this offers, calculated in per click. Say for example you are promoting an offer of 10$ and around 100 people clicked on the offer but only 10 signed up and converted. This means that your EPC is 1$. Because per click you made 1$.

Simple Right!. It is. You need to choose an offer that has an EPC of 0.30$ +.

The final thing you should keep in mind is how much the offer is paying. You can literally see it on the Affiliate Provider page. Make sure that the offers converts in one page submit not in two or three page submit and pays a decent sum of the conversion.

Once You have chosen your offer, it’s time to contact your AM: Affiliate Manager. Every person has their own Affiliate Manager, they are the guys who manage your ac and can terminate too.

Open Skype and tell these managers that you are promoting this offer and can they increase the price a little bit. They will do so in many cases. Now the thing is you have chosen your offer so how to get conversion now. We will cover it in the next Chapter. Keep Reading…

Here is an Infographic by me that Explains CPA offers

So I will look back at as many ways to promote your CPA Offers. I suggest you, read my post on Affiliate marketing. It covers really deep in some ways you can promote your CPA Offers for free.

There is a major difference between Affiliate Marketing and CPA Marketing. The conversions in Affiliate Marketing is really high and the Product, Service range in Affiliate Marketing is also really broad.

Whereas, CPA Marketing has really limited products. If you want to get access to lots of CPA Offers then you have to signup for different CPA Programs. TopNetworks has a really good post on around 58 CPA Offers.

There are two methods you can use to promote your CPA Offers.

1. Free

2. Paid

Well, I know that we all love free methods so I will give you every single free method in this post.

So, now we will cover around 5 ways to promote your CPA offers for free.

1. Write about your CPA offer

Blogging is one of the best ways you can promote any kind of an offer, we all love to write about something. So why don’t just do some research about your offer and write a thorough post about it?

Ok, let me give you a step by step checklist on how to promote your articles through blogging.

Click Here to get the free checklist, that will take you through the entire process

2. Facebook Group

Facebook groups are just amazing, not because of GDPR rather, Facebook is a place where billions hangout and spend their time.

What’s better than a group where people solely love to hear about that niche, it’s based on.

Let’s say you just found a dating CPA offer. Open Facebook and find some of the best dating groups.

Once you have a handful of dating groups, go ahead and send them a request to join. Make sure your pitch is simple, Like:

Hey, I want to engage with some of the best boys and girls out here. Am I allowed to join?

Once you get in those groups just post about the dating site. And always make it personal.

3. Youtube

Youtube is now the second largest search engine in the world, video content is drastically on the rise.

What can you do about it:

Well, make Youtube videos about your CPA offers. Make the legit and easy to understand.

At the end of the video make sure to leave a strong CTA so that people watching your video takes some action.

4. The Flyer Technique

The Flyer Technique is simple but it works great. This is a little tough technique and it requires some work.

And it requires 5$ too. Sorry for that.

First make sure that you have a site ready, just head over to blogger and create a new site.

Then simply create a post with a CTA to the offer. Then go ahead to Fiverr and signup then search for a gig Flyer creation and distribution.

Then give the seller all details. Your Flyer Technique is complete.

5. Forums

Although forums exist from the 90s. They are still helpful.

Just choose one forum and answer the questions related to your CPA offer. Give the link to your offer too. Free yet works.

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