GUEST POSTING TOOLS: A list of 5 amazing tools that will help you with Guest posting.

Guest Posting Tools


In simple and awesome words, guest posting is a great way to land with quality backlinks

from authority sites around the web, the thing is it’s good to automate the process.

So in this post, I will talk about how you can take out the best of guest posting out of it.

Le’s begin.

We all know that guest posting is a great way to increase your authority and even your website’s


 So let’s dive right in

1. Guest Post Tracker

best guest posting tools

Guestpost Tracker is an amazing tool that helps you to find and track guest post sites.

The site has a database of over 1487 guest posting sites.

The best part:

Once you register o this site you can even track your guest posts approval status.

This tool is a one man for guest bloggers. Make sure to give it a try.

2. Hunter

email address finder tool

Hunter is a tool I simply can’t live without. The reason:

Hunter shows me the email address of the website I visit, just with a click of a button.

The best thing about hunter is that it is completely free of cost for 100 searches every month.

As far as I can say, is really cool. Why don’t give it a try then?

3. Mozbar

mozbar a seo tool

When it comes to guest posting, it is crucial to know the authority of the domain you are posting on.

As still, Google hates spam. This is where Mozbar comes in.

Mozbar is a tool from, it shows you the DA and PA of a certain site.

DA refers to Domain Authority and PA refers to Page Authority.

DA is a metric by Moz which tells how much Google trusts that page.

PA is the same but it refers to the authority of a page. You should choose sites with more DA and PA.

4. SeoQuake


Seo quake tool


 SeoQuake is a simple and free tool that lets you easily find out the value of a site. Say you are at and you have your SeoQuake Plugin installed.

Now SeoQuake will show you how many of Amazon’s pages are in Google’s and Bing’s index? It will also show you the number of backings that Amazon have and even it’s Alexa rank.

Now, what all this has to do with guest posting?

Whenever you choose a site to guest post, there are a few things you should keep in your mind. such as Is that site Authoritative?

What is the quality of backlinks of that site? Does that site have high Alexa ranking and so on.

Well, this is the place where Seoquake comes in. Seoquake is a simple yet awesome tool which helps you to find out the site’s metrics by just visiting the site.

5. Hemmingway Editor

hemmingway editor

Are you the one with poor grammar like me? Well, if yes then Hemmingway editor is a friend in need for you.

Hemmingway editor is a simple tool that helps you to find out some of your common error while writing.

To start using the Hemmingway editor head over to

Then paste or write the text. It will show you all the error and even give you the correct option at times.



Guest posting tools make the job of guest posting lot easy. Although some are expensive they offer immense value.

You should surely check out some of the guest posting tools mentioned above.

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Thanks for reading and have a nice day.