LSI Keywords: A Definitive Guide

By Now, I don’t need to tell you that, Google is improving day by day.

The Secret:

Google is Yet, not that smart to understand Human Intent.

This is where LSI keywords come in. In simple Words, If you want to

rank #1 on Google, then you need to know about LSI Keywords

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LSI refers to Latent Semantic Indexing. Mathematically, it is used to measure the relatedness between words.

Example: Say, I am writing a post on Apple. How can you understand, that whether the post is about Apple, the fruit or Apple iPhones?

The Answer:
LSI Keywords, The post about Apple the fruit would use words like Fruit, Eat, Tree, Apple Fruit etc.
The post about Apple iPhones would use keywords like Tim Cook, Steve Jobs, RAM, Battery, Charging etc.

Importance of LSI Keywords


LSI Keywords are really important, mostly it helps Google to understand what

Your content is about.

Long-story Short. LSI Keywords help Google understand your post, page

or any content on your site in a better way.

The Bottom Line:

LSI keywords even help faster indexing of your site in Google.

Let’s take it this way:

Google job is to provide their users the best result for a certain keyword.

But How:

Simple, If Google finds that the page’s intent and Keywords are related to a certain topic

and it goes more in-depth on that topic then Google will rank you high.


 So, how will Google understands that your content is worthy enough to 

rank on the first page:

There are more than 200 factors that they look at

when ranking your page.

And LSI Keywords is one of the factors that they use.


How to Find LSI keyword

Now that you know, that LSI keywords are important,

The Question is:

How do you find the Best LSI keywords for your content?

Yes, there are a lot of ways to find LSI keywords.

Let me tell you some of the best ways:

1. Just a Google Search

First, go ahead and search for your Keyword in Google

Say, If I am writing about SEO.

I would head over to Google and search for SEO.

 Google search for SEO

After, You search for SEO,

Google will show you relevant results for SEO.

Now, scroll down to the bottom of the page, until you find the “Searches Related to ” Section

 Searches Related to Section of Google

 These Keywords are suggested by Google means that they

are related to the Keyword that you just searches for.

The Bottom Line:

Sprinkle these LSI keywords into your content

and you will see a rankings boost.

2. Use an LSI Keyword Generator


There are a lot of LSI Keywords Generator out there.

The Bottom Line:

Just enter your Keyword into these LSI keywords Generator and it will give you a whole bunch of LSI keywords.

That will last for a Decade.

Alright, Let me show you how it’s done:

First head over to LSI keyword Generator

Then enter, your keyword

Finally, Hit Generate

 LSI keyword generator lsi graph

Then, the keyword generator will show you

a whole bunch of LSI keywords.

Just Use these keywords in your content and that is it.

Pro Tip: There are a lot of LSI Keyword Generators in the market try to use few of the best Generators. Once you find a handful of Keywords. Use them in your content

These are the two of my best ways to find Quality

LSI keywords to use in your content.

The Big Mistake in LSI

LSI keywords are all good. 

But the problem is,

People sometimes Keyword stuff their content.

In the name of LSI Keywords.

The Little Stuff:

Google, still hate Keyword Stuffing.

So, No matter how many times your keyword appear in the

content, you won’t rank high.


What to do then:

Simple, Make sure to always include your

keyword in the first 100 words of your 



Because Google puts more weight on the content

that appeared in the first 100 words of the article.

The next mistake:

Forcing keywords to appear in your content.

This is really important.

See, When people think about SEO, they just go on

thinking like

“My focus keyword should appear 100 times”


“My keyword density should be 20%”

This is dangerous.

What to do:

Make sure NOT to force include your keywords in your content.

Some people include their keywords just

for the sake of including it in your content.

You have to avoid this:

The best part:

If you have your keyword in your title tag,  then Google already knows 80% of what your content is about.

The takeaway:

Make sure to write your content in a human way. Not for the sake of Web Crawlers.

That is it

Final Words

Alright, If you are reading this post till now means you

are loving it. Right!

See, LSI Keywords can really help a lot when it comes

to SEO. Because the more you will help Google.

The better you will rank.

So, use LSI keywords smartly and you will be able to grab the deal.

The Bottom Line:

You can even boost the rankings of your Old content by

sprinkling some LSI keywords into it.

Say, you have a post about Marketing.

Go ahead and search on Google, your target keyword.


See the searches related to section and copy the keywords.

Then include those keywords into your content.

That is it.

Ok, So that’s all done.

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