Making some money from Blogging is kind of like a pain for many. As Making money blogging is thought to be Critical.

But stop there!

As I will show you 31 Easy ways you can apply to your blog for a 6 to 7 figure income every month.

The Bottom line:

There are unlimited ways to monetize your blog A.K.A make money blogging.


Let’s Start:

  1. Courses.

Teacher or marketer teaching

Selling courses is a great way to make

money when you have a trusted and a Loyal Audience.

The Reason:

Courses are easy to make and sell as people love information

it really helps them.

The Secret Sauce:

You get to keep 100% of the money as your course is your course.

Let me give you a simple example:

For example, you have a blog, that teaches people about

SEO, that’s kind of a Big deal.

Go ahead and create a course that teaches people

about perfect on-page or off page-SEO


You can create the course at


Once you have the course created, give it a reasonable price.

Like around 50000$,  No no, sorry just charge around 200$.

Once you got that out of the way,

It is time to make people know about your course.

Embed the link to the course on your site

and much better write a post about SEO that solely

focuses on selling your course.

Pro Tip: Add a Course page on your site. This will ensure that every reader will see the Course page

That is it,

people will come to your site and if you have enough trust they will buy the course

2. Ebooks

ebooks or books

E-books are really great they do not require

much manufacturing cost and they are easy to read.

Create some well-developed E-books that is

related to your niche and then put them on your site.


Say, I have a Marketing Blog.


I will go ahead and write a book about

“200 Solid ways to market a newly launched product”.

Then I will list that book on my site’s

Homepage and ask people to buy it.

It is as simple as that.

3. Adsense

adsense show ads

Adsense is an easy way to monetize your traffic,

The problem:

Low CPC.

Adsense really gives low Cost per click.


And according to me, it is not worth it.

But for some newbie bloggers it really

makes it worth.

To start showing ads,

Go ahead to Adsense.

And enter your site’s URL.

how to signup for adsense

Then click on the save and continue option

It will then give you a meta tag.

Go ahead and put the meta tag on your wp site’s tag.

find header tag in wordpress

To find your Head Tag go to Appearance and then click on Editor, Then select Header.php. That’s it.

Paste the code there and if your blog is worthy enough

Google will verify you.

Once you got verified LOgin to Adsense and click on My Ads

Create a responsive ad and then paste the HTML code on your site

finally, the ad will be live on your site.

4. Sell And Tell.

selling any product

This is really powerful, as it can make a lot of money.

The Bottom Line:

Dropship products that are in your niche,

you can do it with Aliexpress or Taobao or Alibaba.



You have a blog that writes about best Marriage Gifts.

Go on to Aliexpress and look for products related to 

Gifts, if you find some items then go ahead and 

connect the WooDropship with Your Woocommerce.

dropship products to woocommerce

You will now get information on how to dropship products.

Then, install the WooDropship plugin and easily import products.

Connect with Paypal or Stripe and easily receive payments.

That is it.


5. Offer Paid Pdf Guides




Only do this when you have a great pdf guide

that can really help people in their day-to-day lives.

The Real stuff:

Focus on a problem of your reader

that he cannot solve on his own.

Then try to write an amazing sales pitch,


Pro Tip: Focus on the benefits of the Pdf Guide, not the features. Take a list of the features and find the problem that this feature solves.

A Pdf with Gold nuggets can be sold at least at the price of Silver.

That is it, You are done.

6. Be sponsored


This can make you a lot of money if you at least have a monthly

audience of 100k people.

the big deal:

Sponsorships can pay you 200$ for each.

Let’s Begin:

First, find the products or services available

in your niche.


I am in the Marketing and SEO niche.

So, I have to contact products like Buzzsumo,

SEMrush or Some keyword research tools or even

some marketing tool.

Give them a perfect pitch, make sure to tell

them about what is the amount of traffic that

you get. Because let’s be honest business doesn’t have

anything to do with your blog, they want more and more


That is it you will be asked to write a review and they will

pay you.

7. Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing is one of my best ways to

monetize my content, it is easy and

I get the control on my hand.

I can promote any product that I want and so on

Here is a post on Affiliate Marketing that I think can help you.

Affiliate Marketing is promoting other people’s products and when

you make a sale you get a percentage.

To start with Affiliate Marketing, go ahead

and signup for some affiliates like Bluehost or


Then take the link and embed it in your post.

That is it.

But make sure that your affiliate product really

helps the reader out.

Once you reach the payout threshold, go ahead and

withdraw it to Paypal.


8. Host Paid Webinars


Webinars are a great way to make some cash by providing

info based products.

You can have a book or an ebook or a service,

and easily sell it with a Webinar.

To start a webinar signup for Webinarjam.

Then create a webinar, you can also create an awesome

high converting page with Leadpages.

Then run a Facebook ad with proper targeting

and that’s done.

9. Make a WordPress Plugin


Do you know why WPforms is so popular cause it’s promotion

started with a Blog.

The same can be done by you:

Just create a WordPress plugin, don’t know how to code?

Ok, just hire some freelancers from Upwork or Fiverr.

Once you create the Plugin go ahead and promote it on

your blog. Write some posts on the plugin.

That is it, But Wait!

Make sure to include a pro version of the plugin.

10. CPA Marketing


CPA Marketing is kind of like Affiliate Marketing

The Only Difference:

CPA offers pay you whenever, you bring a lead,

It’s easy right!

To start CPA Marketing go ahead and signup for

CPA Affiliates like Maxbounty or Peerfly.

So head over to Maxbounty and signup with

proper details.

They will approve you when you attempt their call

and give them the right info.

That is it.

Now promote offers on your blog, Here is a post

on CPA Marketing that you must read

11. Advertise on Your site.


If you want people to Advertise on your site

then you must have a good amount of monthly traffic.

To start advertising on your site

Go on and create an Advertise page on your site

make sure to include necessary details like

how much will you charge? and so on.

You have to offer them a payment gateway too for receiving

payments, Paypal or Stripe.

12. Sell Discount Coupons


Discount coupons are coupons that offer a discount.

You can start a coupon site,

Where you give people discount coupons for money.

make sure to advertise your site

or SEO your site, because if you won’t get traffic, you won’t

make any coupon sale.

13. Consult People


Consulting is a great business plan,

The Reason:

You don’t need any kind of manufacturing cost for 

consulting people.

Have a skill, that you are an expert on.

Then go ahead and start consulting people.

You can do that through meetings or Skype.

That’s easy and simple.

14. Sell Your Merch

merchandise or tshirt

Do you know Logan Paul,

Probably, you do. His merch is so popular.

That’s simple and you can do it too on your blog.

To start your merchandise business

Go ahead and signup for some online merch creators.

Then go ahead and list your merch on your site.

If you have a trusted audience, it will sell like a bank.

15. Write Paid Posts


Paid posts thought to be Biased by a lot of people.


If you do it in the right way, you will love it

The big deal:

Your Audience probably loves it too.


First, find your niche: What is the topic that you write about?

Next, pitch some companies when they launch some products.

Say, you review gadgets.

And Xioami launches a product.

Mail Xioami about your amount of traffic that you get.

And ask them to send you the product.

That is it.

Write a review.


16. Events

Events are a great way.

But the deal is:

It takes time to host events.

To start making money off events.

Host an event at any place you love.

Then advertise it Exclusively on your site.

That is it people will pay you for going to your event.

That’s it.

17. Sell Digital Products

Digital products can really give a lot of profit.

The Key is:

It is easy to create digital products.

To start:

Head over to WordPress plugin page

and click on Add new then search for Easy digital


That’s it.

Now you can add digital products to your store.

And people will buy it.

18. Coaching

Coaching is a great 7 figures business model

The reason:

Coaching is easy and effective.

It takes time,

but online coaching is taking a new road

and you can take advantage of it.

To start a coaching business create your lessons

and then consult people on their problems.

You can charge high for premium coaching packages


 19. Sell sponsorships


Selling sponsorship is easy.

The reason:

If you have a good amount of traffic.

You can charge really high for your sponsorships.

Sponsor any post or article on your

site and in return ask them

for money.

This business model is easy


If you don’t have quality traffic to your


Forget about this!

20. short URLs

Short URLs are kind of an annoying stuff.


They really annoy the user but it can make

you some money when you are starting out.

I don’t suggest you use link shorteners

like Adfly.

But go ahead and use Shareasale.

By the way here are my Adfly earnings.

21. This tip is a secret.


And it is one of my best way to make

money blogging.

You can get access to it by downloading my free checklist.

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Finally, let me know your thoughts on this, just comment below.