Online Marketing is crucial to a brands success. The simple secret to Online Marketing is Automation.

So, I have collected a bunch of Online Marketing tools for you.

This list contains a bunch of Free and Premium tools, so keep reading…

When it comes to Online Marketing, there are a lot of ways it is done.

From Content Marketing to SEM to SEO.

So, I will divide every tool according to their Use.

Some tools will be about content Marketing.

Some are about Search Engine Optimization.

Let’s Bump right In.

Table of Contents:

SEO Tools

SEO is a crucial part of Online Marketing.

What If:

You can make it simple and automated.

So, here are some of my best SEO tools to help you

on your Online Marketing Journey.

1. SEMrush

Semrush seo tool online marketing tools

If You have ever thought about SEO then you must have heard about SEMrush. Let me tell you

If you have SEMrush then you don’t need another SEO tool.

The Bottom Line:

SEMrush will tell you everything from What your competitor is ranking for and

from whom did your competitor get their links from. Performing site Audits to

getting links, SEMrush can do it all for you.

Want a 7 day free trial from SEMrush, Click here.

2. LSI Graph

 lsi keywords the keyword tool

I already have a post that explains how LSI keywords are important.

Keeping that aside:

LSI keywords are gold nuggets that can boost your rankings

without any link building stuff.

You can use LSIgraph to generate awesome LSI keywords.

3. Google Pagespeed Insights

Click on the play button to check how it’s done.

Google Pagespeed is an amazing tool that is the one-word solution

for your site’s speed.

Just head over to page speed insights and enter your site.

Then, Google will show you what is wrong on your site

like server issues and Render-Blocking Javascript etc.

The Best Part:

Google also gives you the optimized file that contains

your image and scripts contained.

4. Tinypng

tinypng compress your images

When it comes to compressing images, how can we forget

TinyPng. This site allows you to compress images for free.

The best part:

It compresses images without losing its quality.

All the images in this site are compressed with TinyPng.

Compressing images with Tinypng is simple, reliable and easy.

Make sure to give it a look.

And yeah, it has a WordPress plugin too.

5. Google search Console

Google search console a online marketing tool

If you really want to get into serious SEO then Google search console

is the one-way solution for you. Google search console can help

you to find you DNS Errors, 404 Errors, Server errors and so on.

The Best Part:

It also shows you, which keywords are driving traffic to your site.

The greatest part:

All for free, Just head over to Google search Console and verify your site

with the HTML-Tag and that is it.

You can submit your sitemap and see live robots.txt errors too.

Content Marketing Tools: 

Content Marketing is crucial for an Online Business.

Most Businesses follow the Inbound Method

to drive sales. Content is Key for many businesses.

To make the process Automated and error-free.

I have collected a whole bunch of awesome freemium Content Marketing

tools for you. That is it keep reading my friend.

Content Marketing is really important and the best part is that:

Most of the Content Marketing tools are free, or freemium or premium.

1. Buzzsumo

how to use buzzsumo tool for content marketing

Buzzsumo is great or should I say Super-great. The deal is:

Buzzsumo shows you the most shared content in your niche and even shows you

who the hell shared the content on Twitter. Now, you may think how can this help you.

The simple deal:

If you know what kind of content is shared like crazy, then you are better off

cause people love that piece if content. What you can do is:

Look at the type of content and create a better version of it.

Finally, when you have created the better version go ahead and see those

people who shared it on twitter. Then DM or mail every guy

with this script.

Hey [Name],

I was looking for some great content on [The topic of the article].

And I found this [article]. I loved the article so I thought to create

a better version of it.

I even saw that you shared the [article] recently. Would you love to

see the article and share it with your Audience.

Anyway, Love your work.


[Your Name]

That is it. This is how you can use Buzzsumo to build relevant links to your site.

2. Grammarly

Are you a guy who always do some mistake in grammar.

Well, At least I am. So What is Grammarly?

As the name suggests Grammarly is a freemium tool that allows you to correct your Grammatical errors

when you are writing a mail or a document.

Kind of a big definition. So what to do. Click on this link. Then choose a way to signup.

how to register on Grammarly

Then Choose a way to signup. Whether with Email or Google or Facebook.

Then You will be at Grammarly, Choose a new document and start writing.

How to start writting a new document in Grammarly

I strongly prefer you the Premium version as it is just outstanding.

Next, If you want to install the Grammarly addon then just click on

the Apps section and install it. Available for Firefox and Chrome.

How to install an app on Grammarly

Having a great time, me too. Keep reading friend.

3. Fiverr

fiverr freelance services, content marketing tool

Now, you may think. Heck. What the hell Fiverr has to do with Content Marketing.

Well, It has. Let’s think it in this way. What is the key component of Content Marketing?

You got it right. That’s Content. If you don’t have content they what is the use of content marketing.

Alright. What’s the point of Fiverr? Simple. Fiverr lets you hire freelancers to write crazy articles for you.

Ok, let me show you how to do it.

First head over to Fiverr. Then Create an account. Just Click on Join.

how to join fiverr

Then continue by whether entering your E-Mail or Sign up with your Facebook or Google.

how to signup for fiverr

That is it. Now click on the continue button and you are good to go. Search for your service and buy it.

4. Google Trends

how to find the most trending content with google trends

What if you can find what’s trending right at the moment. Well, you can do it easily with Google trends.

Google Trends is an amazing tool from Google that shows you which term gets more searches

and what trend is coming up. You can use it to create trending content, that is more likely to go viral.

Just head over to Google trends and it will show you. What is trending?

Create similar content and you MAY go viral.

5. Canva

canva create awesome images

Whether you are creating a Pdf guide or creating a blog post, you need images.

And researchers have found that content with images gets an average of 2x more shares

than content without an image.

This is amazing, so what Canva has to do with it. Simple, Canva lets

you create awesome covers or photos for your blog. And trust me it takes just a few seconds to

create awesome images.

Email Marketing tools 

Email Marketing is crucial whether you are in a 

B2B or B2C space. Yes, most of the business use emails

to nurture their leads to make them their customers.

Their are a whole lot of awesome email marketing tools for you.

Email Marketing is great, so let’s cut to the chase.

1. Convertkit

convetkit the email marketing tool Believe it or not, but Convertkit is my best Email Automation Tool. Why?

Well, it is full of features and costs less than other Automation tools.

If you want to see an in-depth Convertkit review then click here.

The reason I like Convertkit is that it is easy to use and really price-effective.

You can get convertkit from here. [ Free Trial ]

2. Yesware

yesware email tracking service

If you are sending out an email from your normal Gmail then there is not a good way to track it.

Come on, you can never know has the guy opened your mail or not. This is where Yesware comes in.

 Yeswaye is a tool that will help you track every single mail that you send from your Mail service.From Gmail to Hotmail to Yahoo mail.

And yes, Yesware is free for the first 30 days. You can even get their Chrome extension. 

3. MailChimp

mailcimp email marketing tool

If you are just starting out in blogging then my best recommendation for you is

MailChimp. Because MailChimp is really easy to use and give you

all of its services for free till you reach 2000 E-Mail Subscribers.

That is great because when you are just starting out blogging, it’s hard to make some money

in the first 6 months. So why don’t use a free service that is intuitive and amazing?

4. Optin Monster

optinmonster the lead generation tool

Optin Monster is a tool that will help you to convert your website’s visitors

into E-Mail subscribers. Because let’s be honest. If you don’t have any email

subscriber then what is the point of a list? That is the point where Optin Monster comes in.

First go ahead and purchase any plan of Optin Monster.

Then, you can create awesome popups or Optin forms on your site.

5. BombBomb

bombbomb email tool

BombBomb is a tool worth noticing as a video in a mail really boosts email engagement or even open rate.

You know a crazy thing about marketing, marketers spend only 1$ in converting a lead.
And trust me, videos convert way better than text.

A video is intuitive, transparent and engaging. So get your credit card up and start marketing the right way.

Your Question.

What is BomBomb?

Answer: BombBomb is a tool that integrates with your mail provider and helps you to embed awesome videos on your mail to boost engagement.

Social Media Tools: 

Social Media has become an important part of any business nowadays.

The reason is simple, people are actively engaging on social media.

Brands are now tapping into customer satisfaction more than ever.

So, here is my list of best social media tools.

Just for you. Keep reading…

1. HootSuite


hootsuite a social media tool

You probably have heard of HootSuite at least once. Because let’s be honest, Hootsuite is a one-stop solution

for your social media campaign.HootSuite lets you manage your social media posts, their

engagement, reply to comments, schedule your posts and so on.

If you are a corporate then HootSuite is my recommendation. But,

If you are just starting out then there is a better tool than Hootsuite.

2. Buffer

buffer the social media tool

Buffer,  the best social media tool according to me. It is free and has really cool features.

The free version is good enough for beginners. But you can easily upgrade.

Buffer also has an app that automatically publishes your posts when you schedule them.

The best part:

I use Buffer too so get your hands on it. I bet you will love it.

3. BotLetter

botletter the online marketing tool

BotLetter is a good tool that helps you to send updates and newsletters to your

Messenger subs. This really comes in handy when you have a Facebook page with a good old

amount of subscribers. The Mailchimp of Messenger, yeah that’s what they call

themselves. I think BotLetter is a tool worth checking out.

4. Promo

Promo is a really good tool that helps you create high-quality

promo videos for your product or Software. If you are into marketing

then you know that a promo video is crucial to its conversions.

Promo lets you create good quality videos in no time without any highly skilled video creator.

Definitely, check out Promo.

5. SocialBlade

socialblade analytics of social media

SocialBlade is a really popular tool as it really helps.

It enables you to check your social media stats, how many followers are you getting,

what is your average retention of followers, you can even spy on your competitors?

SocialBlade also helps you check how many followers your competitor is getting

per day. I think when it comes to social media stats SocialBlade is the best.


Now it’s your turn.


What tool are you gonna use first, let me know in the comments?


And If you enjoyed reading this article, then feel free to share this with

your colleagues and friends.

Anyway, Appreciate your time.