Do you use search engines? Well if you are reading this. I can expect that you do. So what would you think of a solid 11 free search engines list that will make you Google less?

If dope, then let’s begin.

1. Bing

big the second largest search engine

This is a common one. Bing is the second most popular search engine on the market. It is not as accurate as google but worth a try. The best part about Bing is that: The ad cost is freaking low, I mean super low.

You can buy ads on bing for high CPC keywords at a really cheap price. But we are not talking about ads here.

Here are some of the less known features of Bing:

  • Background: Google has doodles, Bing has a Background. I mean, kind of good backgrounds. Whenever you visit Bing it’s gonna show you a cool little background.


  • Languages: Yeah it is common. But good enough if you think about it. Most search engines don’t have different language setup and Bing is a really good exception out here.


  • News carousel: Bing has something more to address. Yes, a good old scrolling news carousel which offers some of the hottest news around.

2. Duckduckgo

duckduckgo the privacy simplified search engine

Duckduckgo is a really popular search engine not because of it’s great service but because of its non-personalized search results.

whenever you search for a term in Google it shows you personalized results. Which is not bad but it impacts your privacy to some point.

This is where Duckduckgo comes in. Duckduckgo shows you 100% non-personalized results. Which is really good if you think about it.

Some of the best features of Duckduckgo include:

  • Duckduckgo doesn’t store your data in any mean. It simply shows you non-personalized results.


  • Duckduckgo values your privacy as it never asks for information like Your current location, access to your microphones or any kind of access.


  • Duckduckgo is simple and intuitive. It has a beautiful webpage and delivers a really great experience.
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3. Yahoo

yahoo an old search engine

Yahoo is the only search engine with which I had a hard time. Not because of its shabby look but because of its idiotic ads. Means who goes on and places an ad under the search box.

It not only looks dumb but is totally out of context. I don’t think Yahoo even deserves to be on this list. Every human being has a good part to it.

Yahoo has some good features too like:

  • A huge search box. Yahoo has done a good job of making a huge search bar.
  • Personalized news: Yahoo shows you personalized news categorized in a good way.

4. AOL

aol search engine screenshot

AOL is one of the oldest search engine available and the crappiest as well. Means just look at it, the new generation of crappy sites which everyone avoids.

Who even does that? A video autoplay, crappy news no one wants to read, bad design and so on.

But it doesn’t only have a bad design but a weird sidebar. Which makes no sense.

Look at it here is Google

and AOL

You decide which one looks like a search engine and which one looks more like a Reddit of 90’s.

Now there are some good features present in AOL like:

  • Good enough news carousel: AOL offers you a bunch of news gathered from different sites. Check them out once.


  • Games and videos: AOL has a games and videos section at the left part and I don’t know what it does.

Alright enough about AOL. Let’s read about some more unknown search engines.

5. Baidu

baidu the Chinese search engine

If the search engine of US is Google then the Google of China is Baidu. I remember my first time visiting Baidu, man I didn’t understand anything. LOL, it’s in Chinese.

But Baidu is simplified and easy to navigate just like Google.

We are hearing some news about Google developing a search engine thoroughly for China and their employees are kind of angry for that.

Anyways, If Google enters China its gonna have a hard time beating Baidu. What do you think about it let me know in the comments below?

With that being said here are some beautiful features about Baidu:

  • Easy Navigation: Baidu has easy navigation links formatted in a beautiful way.


  • Simple: Baidu is simple and clean. It really makes the job of searching easy and intuitive way.


6. Yandex

yandex the russian search engine

If Baidu is the search engine of China then Yandex is the search engine of Russia. Man, we have a lot of country based search engines nowadays.

Yandex is a really big company that makes internet services and specializes in AI. Yandex has their own mail system called Yandex mail and their own browser called Yandex browser.

Yandex is a really great search engine, it is intuitive and my friend Russians just love it.

Some of the best features of Yandex are:

  • Different apps: Yandex has a whole lot of apps like maps, images, videos, translate and mail. You can see the search results for images or videos just like Google.


  • Simple and Easy: Yandex is simple to use and easy to navigate too. It has a great logo and awesome domain authority of 85 ( Data from Moz )


7. Ask a search engine

As the name suggests you can literally ask anything to this search engine, that’s why it is bankrupt! Kidding.

But Ask is not a bad search engine at all, it is simple and intuitive.

Ask is one of the simplest search engines I have ever seen. It literally has nothing but just a search bar which makes it unique.

Here are some of the best features of

  • Simplistic: is simple you visit the search engine and type in your term nothing else.
  • No Home ads: contains no ads on their homepage just like Yahoo.

8. Dogpile

dogpile an internet search engine

Dogpile is a search engine which piles results from different search engines and shows it to you. It is not that different from any search engine.

Dogpile doesn’t have any special feature that makes it extraordinary. It is simple just like most of the search engines.

Anyway, I loved some of the features of dogpile such as:

  • Best fetches: Dogpile has a feature called favorite fetches which shows some of the most popular and best fetches done through their site


  • Simple: Dogpile is also simple and easy to use just like


9. Yahoo Search

If you didn’t like Yahoo then you will love the custom search engine of Yahoo, it has no ads no popups and the best no news.

I really love this search engine it shows me which keyword is trending right now and the best of all it also shows me the weather in my current location.

Some of the best features of Yahoo are:

  • A beautiful background: Just like Bing, Yahoo also offers a beautiful background which is kind of really beautiful.
  • Weather: Yahoo also shows me the current weather in my location which really comes in handy few times.

10. Exactseek

Exact seek offers you a great search engine for blogs and videos. It is not that popular but you should check it out once.

Exactseek is a directory too so you can submit your site out there.

Some of the features of Exact seek are:

  • Easy navigation: Exact seek offers you the ability to navigate easily. They have search filters like Videos, images, web, and blogs.

11. Google

google the most popular search engine online

Now, I explained many search engines to you but the best is here now. Yes, you guessed it, Google.

Google is my favorite search engine as it shows me results that are just extraordinary. I never had to scroll down to the second page of search results to find the answer to my question.

Some of the best features of Google are:

  • Language option: When you search for anything on Google you have the option to choose between hundreds of languages.
  • Beautiful doodles: Google offers a doodle every day and the best part is that it is picked up news sites every day as a headline
  • Personalized results: Google offers you personalized results so whenever you search for something personal it will deliver the exact result to you.
  • Local results: Google also offers local results: You just search for “pizza shops near me” and Google will show you every single dominoes shop near you.
  • And so on.

Alright, That’s all I had in my head today. 11 search engines list exactly just for you. Share this list with your friends and family as I love it and you do too.

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