SEO tips sound Complicated Right?

how to increase traffic to your site with seo

Well, Hold On Friend!

This post is exactly for you,

Perfect Combination of THE best SEO tips available on the market that will rank your site on the top of Google fast.

Back in the days,

I used to lug around on the 5th page of Google.

that was the time when I used to call hundreds of SEO agencies to SEO my Site.

Not to Mention, those guys took my site to the 10th Page of Google.

Finally, I thought that SEO is crucial for my site and I need to pay 110% attention to it.

That was the time, I implemented these 301 SEO tips to my site and I started seeing crazy results.

Let’s give these 21 secret SEO tips to you now.

Keep Reading.

1. Be the Best of your Niche.


This is Human Nature, we all go after the best. Why? Who knows, have you heard of the 19th tallest mountain in this and first in SEO

Probably Not. Well, this is a simple Phenomenon,

Nobody cares about the 7th or 8th guy.

Everybody cares about the best and this is where the skyscraper Technique comes in.

This Technique is simple as it focuses on the best content available in the market.

Simple Yet Effective, Let me give you an Example. You Searched for Seo tips on google.


seo tips google rankings

And found the results where most of the snippets look like they are just giving you few of the tips from the Market.

You now can create a post that will give 201 or 301 tips of SEO

that I am currently giving you.

If you want to know more about the Skyscraper Technique then check out Backlinko’s post on this topic.

The rule goes really simple, make something even better than your competitor and then share it like a madman.

2.  Boost your site’s loading loading speed illustration

Most people say,

” Site speed does not matter “

Well, for those Site speed guy

let me tell you that Google has publicly confirmed,

that site speed does matter rankings.

Because if your site will load slower than

the averages than user experience will get shattered

And Google will send you from their 1st page to their 5th page.

Want to avoid it?

Simple! Use a good host. Compress your images and remove render blocking javascript.

That’s it, You will sum it up.

3.  Use LSI Keywords


LSI refers to Latent Semantic Index, these are the keywordsTwo computers related keywords

that are related to your title. Say I am writing a post on Apple.

Than my LSI keywords would be Apple phones, Apple iPhone,

Steve Jobs, Tim Cook Etc.


Google loves LSI Keywords as it helps them to understand

what your content is all about. It helps them to index your content better

Heck! It can even give you a boost in Rankings.

To find these keywords you can use LSI Generator

or pop in your target keyword into google

and then scroll down to the bottom of the

Searches Related to section and then use these

Keywords into your content.

These are the LSI Keywords for this content

SEO tips google  SEO tips for beginners  SEO tips for blogger  SEO tips for WordPress   5 SEO tips  SEO tips 2017

4. Use Images

A Recent Study by Buzzsumo found that content that uses at least one image social media connections

gets more than 2.5x more shares than the content that does not use


This literally proves that human love visual examples.

What to do:

Well, Use at least one image in your content

it will dramatically increase your number of shares.


5. Engage with the Communitycomment on site

This is probably the most underrated tip but it can skyrocket

your site in no time.

What is it:

Simple, reply to every single comment that you get

in your post. This will not only boost your engagement

but also increase your rankings.


Well, the more people will comment the more the page

will be rich and the more it will rank high on Google.


6. Make Your Site Readable.

making a site readable

Be very patient while choosing

your site’s layout as Google has publicly

confirmed that you must make your site

for Humans not for Bots or Crawlers.

Prioritize Readability first as the user

has to be happy with your content.

The more the user will dwell on your site

the more Google will rank you high.


7. Use Alt Text

You probably know that Google can’t see what’s in

the image, at least for now.

That’s why you need to tell Google about your image.

You can do this by adding Alt Text to your image.

If you are on WordPress then you can add

Alt text while uploading the image.

Click on the Upload Files Option then go ahead

and click on the Alt Text bar

finally, enter the text and click on save.

8. Create Longer Content


A research by Backlinko found that the

page that ranked on the first page

of Google had more than 1890 words

in their content. This is clear that posts with

long content tend to outrank posts with

short content.

What to do in this case:

Well create posts with more than

2000 words and you will rank high

in Google.


9. Fix Your 404 Errors.


Fixing your 404 Errors can really help404 not found

at least you should fix few of your

404 errors.

But Which 404s.

Well, first see your Google search Console

find out 404 pages that get a lot of

traffic from Google Search.

Now redirect this post or page

to a brand new post that matches

the intent of the 404 post.

10. Update your old Content


This can dramatically increase your site’s traffic.


Simple, Just open your outdated post.

Now include some good points and

make the design a little better.

Finally, update your post’s date.

And Publish with an ( Updated in Current Year ) in

Title Tag.

And it’s done.

But Wait!

Your next step is to send out that

“Updated” piece of content to your

E-Mail list and that’s it.

11. Focus on Quality, not on Quantity.


This can be found from a popular blogger named, Brian Dean. 

He is the Founder of and this site has 

traffic of over 150k per month.


But Look at his no of posts it is probably 36 while 

I am writing this. This may sound crazy but a 

Google employee recently stated that

you shouldn’t publish blog posts just

for the sake of it.

Be the Smartworker not the hardworker.

Sound good,

Let’s continue.

12. Use Videos


Do you know why Youtube has a 

Billion users, because people just love videos.

They love to consume info in a 

simple and short way.


Well, Embed some of your high performing videos

in your Blog post and increase your rankings.

13. Use Internal Links


Internal links are a great way to boost your post’s

rankings but most people probably do it

in the wrong way. 


Well, internal link your old posts that aren’t 

performing well in search. 

It’s simple.

Say, you are writing a post about SEO tips

and you have a post that was written a year back and

it covers how to SEO a site. Then you can link

to the year back content in your new content which

is about SEO tips.

That’s it.


14. Use outbound links


The question:

What are outbound links?

Any link in your post that opens

a page of another site is an

outbound link.

One of the research conducted by Backlinko

found that pages that contained an Outbound

link outranked pages that didn’t contain an

Outbound link.

What to do:


Well, whenever you write a new

post at least link out to 5 to 10 relevant sources.

This will build your Authority and Trust in the 

market and also increase your Google rankings.


15. Use email Outreach to build links


Email Outreach is one of the best

ways to build Quality links to your site.

The Big Deal:

People won’t listen to you until

you give them some value.

But how?

Use Outbound links as a value in Email Outreach.

Say, you linked out to Rony.

Now email Rony with this script.

Hey Rony,

I was looking for some info on the topic and found your blog.


Trust me, I loved your content so much that I even linked out to you

on my recent post.




Please leave a reply if you loved the content. And always, keep up the awesome work.





That’s it.

16. Make Navigation Easy.

Navigation plays a part in SEO.

But it is easy to fix.

Make Sure You Have the most important links in your header

  • Have a search bar in your header
  • Make sure your site logo links to your homepage
  • Have a well-designed header

17. Make Content Worth to Read


This is really a simple tip.

But it can really affect your rankings.

People sometimes get too deep into SEO and as a


they make their content for search

engines, not for humans.


This a huge mistake and can really cost a lot in your SEO efforts.

What to do?

Well, simply mae your content engaging

and readable for humans.

18.  Have Short Permalinks


A research by Brian Dean found that Shorter Permalinks tend to

Outrank Longer permalinks.

What to do?

Just make your URLs short.

But wait,

Don’t change your permalinks of old posts

as that can really cause serious SEO issues.


Whenever you will publish a new post make sure

to use short URLs.

That is it.


19. Target Keyword in Permalink


This is Important!

Probably, really important.

Whenever you are writing a post make sure to include your target

keyword in your Permalink.


Say, I am writing a post about SEO tips then my permalink will be

simply ‘ SEO-tips ‘.

that’s it.

20. Keyword first

 Google is a busy dude. So make sure he gets the right info when he comes to crawl your site.

To ensure this make sure to include your target keyword in the front of your title tag.

21. Write proper image descriptions

According to most of the so-called ‘ SEO Gurus’.

Image descriptions don’t matter anymore. No, it does.

Image descriptions help Google better understand your images. So make sure you are filling the box properly.

Alright, I tried my best and gave you 21 best seo tips that will help you rank on the first page of google fast.

Did you like these tips. Let me know in the comment section below. Share this post with your friends and family and thanks for your time.