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Many People get confused when it comes to SEO. It sounds like a big hype word that has the power to dominate on Search Engines, probably “Yes”, SEO has the power to dominate on Search Engines. And so we are going to do to your site with the help of SEO services that are available on our site.

Google is the largest search engine in this world, It is used by more than a billion people. Your job is to get on the first page if you want quality traffic that will convert like crazy. More traffic means more leads means more customers means more revenue.

The tactic is simple you have to somehow rank on the first page of Google, Let’s say you want to rank for a keyword SEO services 

And you somehow figured it out that the term SEO Services gets about 30000 searches per month and you rank on top 6 for the keyword, you get an average of 1000 clicks per month from the Keyword Search Engine Optimization Services. So out of thousand guys say, only 30 converts to your customers.

You would be happy ” Maybe ”

Let’s take a different perspective.

Say you rank at no 2 for the keyword SEO services, probably you will get 10000 clicks per month from that keyword.  Ok so out of 10000 people only 1000 converts and buys your SEO service from you, that means you will be making 10x sales now. That is an exponential growth without spending a dollar on ads.


Just by applying some Search Engine Optimization Tactics. This is smart work, rather than spending millions on ads just SEO your site.

Amazon is the giant that spend billions on ads, whereas, more than 80% of shoppers conduct online research before making a big purchase.

You need to do something that your competitor is not doing and according to me, it is dominating search results.


Give an Eye on this Screenshot :

Organic and Sponsored results

Organic and Paid Product Placements

As you can see that a site outranks Amazon on this very competitive keyword: ” Cheap Watches”


What does this say,

Well, the paid product snippets cost money every time they get a click but the organic result get the click without spending a penny on ads, this is the power of SEO.

According to SEMrush the keyword Cheap watches get around 10,000 searches per month and according to HubSpot, more than 30% searchers click on the first result means this E-commerce site get around 3000 clicks from this keyword.

If this guy converts at least 500 people out of the 3000 then he is making 500 sales per month just from one keyword, not bad right?


If he makes a profit of 5$ from each sale means he is making 500 multiplied by 5 is equals to $2.5k per month just from one keyword.


Whether you have a blog, a business site, an e-commerce site, Startup or anything.SEO is the part where you can outrank your competitors. Proper SEO can result in increasing sales, better traffic, more conversions, better authority and much more.

You need to get the hands-on it before it’s filled with a billion result.


More than 37% of searchers begin searching for a product from Google and if you can get a handful of those to click on your site then that’s it.

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